Meggbot TP100 Palettizer

The compact and cost-effective solution for automated palletizing of your layer eggs on 30egg trays. The unique concept of the Meggbot TP100 enables it to be connected to farm packers from all manufacturers with an output of up to 36,000 eggs/hour as well as on packaging lines of egg grading machines for palletizing eggs for industry. With the Meggbot TP100 you can save a lot of time and work in your packing center in the simplest way.

The Meggbot TP100 has an integrated magazine for up to 16 interlayers and can be filled automatically. By constantly monitoring the filling level of the pallet, pallets that are already partially filled can also be placed in the Meggbot TP100. The degree of filling is automatically recorded and further palletized.
Features of the palletizer:

  • no compressed air required
  • compact design with floor area of 1950x2170mm and height of 2600mm
  • Magazine with 16 interlayers
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Precise positioning by servo motors
  • no security fence required