The VÖLKER farmpackers are made of robust materials and manufactured using sophisticated technologies. Through precise planning, machines are developed that are characterised by user-friendliness, low maintenance requirements and low operating costs.

VÖLKER supplies farmpackers with a performance of 15,000 – 25,000 eggs/hour. This means that we can meet the requirements of both small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for cost-effective and high-quality solutions for the automation of the packaging processes. Thanks to the easy operation with few switches and the compact construction, operation is possible even by one person alone. Moreover, our farmpackers stand out through low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

The components of our farmpackers are:

•    The egg collection table, which is attached to the egg conveyor belt
•    The egg packer, which transfers the eggs with the air chamber up into the packaging
•    The packing conveyor belt, which positions the packaging under the packer
•    The packaging denester, which places the packaging on to the transport belt
•    The outfeed conveyor, on which up to 6 filled packages can be collected